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Today I had in my bento box greetings from Moosewood. Having a lazy-cooking-week, I made for the upper part of my box a little side dish: Marinated zucchini. Nothing complicated, not many dishes (no, I don’t have a dishwasher…), not many ingredients (only a zucchino and things that you’ve got at home anyways) – and […]

I’m getting old.  It must be 17 years ago that I have eaten this kind of soup. It was in France and it was the first time that I had something like Pesto. I didn’t like it then. However, the wisdom of age has come to me… Don’t ask me, why I thought some weeks […]

watching the pictures I had taken of this dish, I was a little bit dismayed: It doesn’t look very appealing. I know. Believe me: in reality it looks 10 times better. And the taste is even 100 times better! If you want to know what it is: years ago we have called it “mediterranean spelt” […]

Summer is back! And the summer veggies return to my kitchen! This is a recipe of  schooltimes – I’ve got it from a schoolfriend’s mother – and I continue to make it again and again. It’s an antipasto of zucchini – so grab a zucchini (hard to see in the picture, I know…) and a […]