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A cake walk


Yeah, I seam to dance a little cake walk in the kitchen these weeks… But I don’t eat only cake. For being honest, I also made a focaccia last week, but due to optical failure I couldn’t take a picture of it. So the focaccia has to wait. Meanwhile I made a cake that was […]

I’ve already told you that my mother is from Austria. So yes… at home, we often had Mehlspeisen. In summer it’s obligatory to make Marillen- and Zwetschgenknödel – sweet dumplings filled with fruit. Of course: my picture isn’t as appealing as it should, but if you want to see Marillenknödel, just ask Mr. Google for […]

I was hungry for a yeast-cake with nuts. In my family, each sunday we had a cake – often baked with yeast. One day (to be exact, the 9th september 1990, this date is written in my mum’s cookbook) my mother tried a new recipe and made a yeast-cake filled with a nut- or almond-filling. […]



I’ve more or less missed the strawberry season. As well as the apricot-season. But yes! I’ve made it! Finally I bought some plums (which is the perfect translation for Zwetschge?! Watch the pictures and you’ll see that there are differences between plums and plums) – and it’s obligatory to make a Zwetschgendatschi. Le gros père […]

Warm cake in the morning – isn’t that great? Finally I tested it: a fridge-yeastcake. It’s very easy and soooo good to have freshly baked cake on the breakfast-table! And it’s not that much work. I made a poppyseed cake – for the filling I took a recipe of Bayrisches Kochbuch by Maria Hofmann and […]