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I love reading cookbooks. When I’m reading foreign cookbooks, I don’t look into a dictionary for each word that I don’t know. I understand many words by intuition. Well… that’s what I’ve thought. Of course, I knew Irish Stew, and if somebody would have asked me, what it would be, I would have said “Eintopf” […]

Two weeks ago I was in Barcelona to visit a friend there. And of course I had to eat tostadas con tomate (or pan con tomate) which I got to know some years ago in Madrid. It’s easy and soooooo yummie! I love it for breakfast with a cup of good coffee – as I […]

Vamos a tapear!


Finally. Finally I made my first not-fallen-apart-Tortilla. I’m very proud. And I had a good protein-combination of potatoes and eggs in my bento. Even better: memories of Spain! The whole thing could have been a bit thicker, but it was ok. The alternative: use of more eggs – but I think that 2 eggs are […]

I have already told you that I always prepare my lunch in the evening and take it to work in a bento box. Why? I just love to eat different foods for one meal. That’s what I love in France: in Germany, you get basically one big plate with a big meal. In France, you’ll […]

When you’re down and troubled and you need some love and care And nothin´, nothin´ is goin´ right… Fall has begun – it’s grey outside, it’s getting cold, it’s rainy: the best conditions for being in a bad mood. Or for having hot chocolate.  But not any hot chocolate – for Spanish hot chocolate.