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I don’t know anymore, where I got this recipe. I was cooking it with a friend a long time ago. There I’ve copied it, and I don’t know anymore the book. Sorry. However, it’s yummy and a nice way to eat Sauerkraut! How to make this gratin? Well, get the groceries and start! …It takes […]

It’s cold outside, it’s time for soup. And after all these sweet recipes (and yes… Christmas cookies are waiting for being made!) the blog needed something different: a sauerkraut soup. It’s a Croatian recipe of the book “sundays at Moosewood’s restaurant” – but I think, in future I will make some modifications. Anyways, it’s a […]

Maybe people will find sauerkraut a pretty uncool food. I do love it. And I admit that I love it. Last time I tried a new good-old food: new as it was new for me, but it’s traditional Swabian food: Krautkrapfen. After studying different recipes I created my own vegan version – normally the dough would […]



No, I don’t know where the original recipe comes from.  And I don’t know, what “Soljanka” means. What I know is, that it’s a soup which is well known in Eastern Germany. I got to know it when I was working as a volunteer in a soup kitchen in Berlin a long time ago. Maybe […]