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A sweet Quickie


In Sweden I could have eaten them anywhere: rum or coconut balls, but I didn’t dare to test them: they were huge (about the size of a handful – a whole-day meal) and I feared margarine with vanilla-taste which is often used in bakeries. So I didn’t buy any. Back in Germany, I got my […]

Spending the whole day in an orchestra rehearsal means that you need energy. And playing a string instrument means: you can eat during the rehearsals. And playing viola means: there will be a perfect buffet of sweets in your group. These cookies can be a perfect part of it: they aren’t sticky, so your fingers […]

In Bavaria, a hamburger (well, only the meat-part) is called Fleischpflanzerl – “little plant of meat”. Last time, I made some Pflanzerl of rolled oats:  I always prepare my lunch the evening  – or rather the night – before. The time was faster than my timing and my bed was shouting very loudly that I should finally go […]