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I love sushi. And it’s cool to make it for a bento box for work. Get out the sushi, get out soy sauce, get out the chopsticks – and everybody will be envious while eating his boring sandwich for lunch… Of course you shouldn’t take sushi with raw fish to work and wait hours and […]

When I spent my year in France, I sometimes made a quick sauce of cucumbers that you can serve with boiled potatoes or with rice. Quick and easy. Some years later, my phone rang and it was Matthias, one of the group of foreign students during my stay in France. “Well… we are in the […]

I like Thai-style curries with coconut milk. Sometimes. Not every week. Most recipes ask for curry paste, then you buy a pot of curry paste, use it once – and then it starts its sad life of waiting for the next use in the fridge. One pot of curry paste is just too much for […]

Yes, it’s possible. Sometimes you find good food in hospitals. In Angers, where I did an internship in the hospital kitchen, I found out that I don’t dislike rice pudding (Milchreis). It’s just a question of the preparation. So I asked the cooks how to make it. Their answer: Don’t boil it too quickly, just […]

Years ago I worked as a volunteer – where we also had retreats for the volunteers. For these occasions, Anke, an ex-volunteer, made the meals for us – and one of the dishes became a real JEV-classic. As I cooked 2 weeks together with Anke for the volunteers (also years ago… but less years), when […]