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Rhubarb time!


Last year, I’ve made rhubarb syrup – cool stuff for hot summer days! This year, I’ve produced some again, but too stupid: I didn’t have last year’s recipe any more. So here I write down a recipe which isn’t perfect yet – but a base for improvements… I used: Advertisements



The recipe says that this are muffins. Rhubarb upside-down muffins. The reality said that I’ve made a cake. Rhubarb-banana-upside-down. Same recipe with just 2 bananas more. Too bad that upside-down-cakes never look really good. At least the ones I’ve made. Maybe I should learn how to decorate them nicely?! But the most important thing is […]

Today I bought some rhubarb again. No time for baking, so I decided to make a quick compote. The amount would be enough for about 2 persons (hehe, I’ll have all this only for myself!) and the only thing that can go wrong is that you use a pot that is too small. For this […]

Don’t miss the rhubarb season! Buy 2 pounds of it and bake a cake! It’s just too good to have to wait one year again! The recipe I’ve tried is once again more or less from Das Bayrische Kochbuch by Maria Hofmann. And it’s true: if you crumble some dry cookies i. e. ladyfingers (=Löffelbiskuit) […]