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Years ago I worked as a volunteer – where we also had retreats for the volunteers. For these occasions, Anke, an ex-volunteer, made the meals for us – and one of the dishes became a real JEV-classic. As I cooked 2 weeks together with Anke for the volunteers (also years ago… but less years), when […]

This was my first African food. My sister got the recipe from her sister-in-law’s husband. He comes from Cameroon and made this dish for them. Then my sister taught me how to prepare it. I changed a little bit the way of preparing it (he boils the cabbage in extra-water) due to laziness…. And I […]

I don’t know if you could call this dish “Asian”, but in Europe you could. In Asia maybe not… Anyways, it’s good and it’s easy (I think, I write these two words in every post, don’t I? Maybe I should get more creative) – and I love the combination of orange and green…