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Coming home from work – tired, frustrated, and hungry, I knew what I had to do: I needed to do some cooking to relax. And it had to be quick – I was hungry. Oh, and there were some mushrooms left which needed to be eaten. Some pasta is always in the house. And the […]

I love reading cookbooks. When I’m reading foreign cookbooks, I don’t look into a dictionary for each word that I don’t know. I understand many words by intuition. Well… that’s what I’ve thought. Of course, I knew Irish Stew, and if somebody would have asked me, what it would be, I would have said “Eintopf” […]

Finally. Finally I find the time to write a new post! The kitchen works, the chaos in the new appartment gets smaller, the holidays are over, time to write about food! The rainy, grey days outside made me cook a winter vegetable stew of my Moosewood cookbook (Moosewood Restaurant cooks at home) – a nice […]

Yes, I’m also testing my new cookbooks! This is an easy mushroom salad which I found in the book “Chakall kocht” – I was a little surprised that the dressing only consists of cream, but yes, it wasn’t bad. I would say that I’m gonna make this salad again. It’s easy and different from my […]

I love fingerfood. In Spain you get tapas, in France you’ll have an apéro, a drink and a little bit to eat. Your friends come over for a glass of wine? You don’t want to serve only some crackers and cheese? You happen to have some mushrooms? Well… just look into your fridge, take what […]