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Years (and I mean years) ago I was in Canada for a student exchange. Of course I got to know Macaroni and Cheese: a blue (?) package with pasta and yellow powder – If I remember correctly, it was prepared with milk (and no use of the microwave!). (By the way: look how many ways […]

Yes, it’s possible. Sometimes you find good food in hospitals. In Angers, where I did an internship in the hospital kitchen, I found out that I don’t dislike rice pudding (Milchreis). It’s just a question of the preparation. So I asked the cooks how to make it. Their answer: Don’t boil it too quickly, just […]

When you’re down and troubled and you need some love and care And nothin´, nothin´ is goin´ right… Fall has begun – it’s grey outside, it’s getting cold, it’s rainy: the best conditions for being in a bad mood. Or for having hot chocolate.  But not any hot chocolate – for Spanish hot chocolate.