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Friday evening


Friday evening. Coming home – pretty tired, headache, a rainy day outside, I could only think of one thing: the Túros tészta, which I have found at Aniko’s blog. Pasta with curd. I’ve read about it and remembered the Topfennudeln, the sweet brother of túros tészta, which my mother has often made when we were […]

This is a quick recipe. That’s why I took quickly a photo – no, it’s not nice, but hey… we’re talking about recipes, not about photos, no? The recipe is a quick red walnut pesto from Moosewood. Not much chopping, not much to have in the fridge, quickly made – perfect evening food after a […]

Once again, I did it. I bought a cook book. From Moosewood. Yeah, I already have some of them – but I know that some day, I’m gonna have all of them. I love them. And – surprise! – I really use them!! As I often don’t have much time (yes, I know, last post […]

I haven’t eaten them for years, I think. When I was a child, we had them… maybe not weekly, but let’s say: monthly. I’m talking about Topfendatschi. My mother probably had always one ingredient in the fridge: Topfen. The Germans call it Quark, I know as an English translation “curd”, but I’m not really sure, […]

No, this is no jam. This is a salad dressing. I saw the recipe in the latest Essen und Trinken für jeden Tag and made more or less my own version. This means: I didn’t follow exactly the given amounts due to lazyness. And I didn’t use pure raspberries, because I didn’t have any – […]