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I love sushi. And it’s cool to make it for a bento box for work. Get out the sushi, get out soy sauce, get out the chopsticks – and everybody will be envious while eating his boring sandwich for lunch… Of course you shouldn’t take sushi with raw fish to work and wait hours and […]

…but yummy and very quick: a Japanese-inspired Avocado-Salad. I found a recipe in the book “ma petite cuisine Japonaise” by Laure Kié. As I didn’t have all of the ingredients, I changed it a bit, and it was just perfect for adding a little salad to a dinner. The recipe combines Avocado with pears (and […]

When Anikó wrote about Okonomiyaki, I got peckish. And finally I made it to prepare some, too. It was one year ago that I got to know them when a friend who had lived in Japan for about 1 year invited us for an evening with Japanese food, and we also had Okonomiyaki, the Japanese […]

Popeye in Japan


Last, no this year (but it already feels like last year, and “last year” is almost correct) I was in Munich at a “Bavarian Japanese” Restaurant with my sister. It was really cool, you can eat Japanese food (they also integrate some typical  German ingredients) and sometimes listen to “real”, no-kitsch Bavarian live music. We had ginger lemonade […]