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Yes, I can!


I tell you: pear jam caused real frustration in my life. Well, ok, it wasn’t that bad, but it was frustrating, though. The first time, I’ve tasted pear jam, was in France in… let me think… 1993, I think. It was a friend of my mother, who had made it, and since then, I’ve loved […]

It’s elderflower (=Holunderblüten) time! Last year, Anikó posted a recipe for elderflower jelly – I love the taste of elderflower, so I had to try it. (note of the editor: is this getting an Anikó-recipe-copying month? Well…) And it’s perfect: great taste, easy to make! Let’s get outdoors and get elderflowers!

Christmas is coming – every year it’s getting a little faster. But yes, I’ve made it! I’ve started the cookie-season! There is one dough I like for evening-baking: Mürbteig, this cookie-dough with lots of butter. You prepare the dough, put it in the fridge and when you find time during the next days, you can […]

Jam session


It was during summer last year when I read somewhere about tomato jam. Tomato jam? It was written that you can find it in Portugal and Spain. I’ve never been in Portugal, and I’ve never seen it in Spain, but I was sure that I had to try it. After I’ve tried it, I decided, […]



Another must-bake for Christmas: Spitzbuben (which means “rascals” – in German bakeries you can buy them as big cookies with wholes in the shape of grinning faces). The best recipe is my mom’s (of course….) – she got it from “Bayerisches Kochbuch” by Maria Hofmann and Helmut Lydtin – a classic of 943 pages (56th […]