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Cookies again


This time, Italian sesame cookies. Of course, a recipe of one of my favourite cookbooks: Moosewood Restaurant book of desserts. Nearly everything I made of this book, was yummy. This recipe has been marked with two exclamation marks by myself – to remind me to make these cookies more often. So finally, we made them […]



For about 5 months I have been a proud inhabitant of an apartment with a balcony now. And of course, this is the perfect place to have some herbs. And of couuuuurse I needed a pot of sage. Well… I thought, I should finally use some of the sage – why have I always been […]

Summer is back! And the summer veggies return to my kitchen! This is a recipe of  schooltimes – I’ve got it from a schoolfriend’s mother – and I continue to make it again and again. It’s an antipasto of zucchini – so grab a zucchini (hard to see in the picture, I know…) and a […]

Maybe you can’t see it in the picture, but believe me: this is yellow like sunshine – I made a quick supper by following the recipe of Farfalle allo Zafferano in the book “Sundays at Moosewood Restaurant” by the Moosewood collective. Coming home from a week-end with friends and having more or less nothing in […]

I don’t know any Otto and so I could get the risotto myself although everything what rhymes is good. This time: Risotto for me is better! It’s a quick meal – and you can combine anything you want. Just add the veggies you’ve got and follow the instructions.