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Finally. Finally I find the time to write a new post! The kitchen works, the chaos in the new appartment gets smaller, the holidays are over, time to write about food! The rainy, grey days outside made me cook a winter vegetable stew of my Moosewood cookbook (Moosewood Restaurant cooks at home) – a nice […]

Nothing special in my kitchen – or rather: nearly nothing at all in my kitchen. These weeks, I’m often away from home, so there’s no time for cooking. In addition, my kitchen sink doesn’t work – big repairs are waiting for next week. So dishwashing-intensive food is uncool. However, last week, I was hungry. So […]

I’m getting old.  It must be 17 years ago that I have eaten this kind of soup. It was in France and it was the first time that I had something like Pesto. I didn’t like it then. However, the wisdom of age has come to me… Don’t ask me, why I thought some weeks […]

I have already told you that I love the cookbooks from the Moosewood restaurant in Ithaca, NY. They have great recipes. Like the green beans and fennel ragout – It’s easy and interesting (in a positive way; when some friends were going to France for a student exchange years ago, they were told by their […]

…just as it sounds funny, I think. This is a very easy salad which often finds its way into my bento. Normally I always have some green beans in the freezer and dried tomatoes in the cupboard. The feta cheese is just an extra.