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…for a good recipe for Käsekuchen, the German cheesecake. Too bad, I don’t have a real idea, what I’m looking for, just something yummy, interesting – something, where you say: yes, that’s very good! I’m not too fond of Käsekuchen. I like it, but it’s not my favourite. However – every Café in Germany has […]

It’s a vegetarian classic and kind of compensatory-veggie-cuisine: Sellerie-Schnitzel. Yeah, calling it Schnitzel and serving it like a classic Schnitzel with pototatoes and some veggies as a side-dish, you seem to admit, that vegetarian food can’t be real food. But sometimes, I like classic cooking and I like using veggies besides tomatoes and zucchini. I […]

Sometimes I make some excursions to the vegan kitchen. So I tried to make some mayonnaise using silken tofu (in Germany known as Seidentofu), a little bit of oil and some other ingredients. Purpose: potato salad northern style. Every Bavarian would tell you that potato salad would be vegan anyways (as long as you don’t […]



I’ve more or less missed the strawberry season. As well as the apricot-season. But yes! I’ve made it! Finally I bought some plums (which is the perfect translation for Zwetschge?! Watch the pictures and you’ll see that there are differences between plums and plums) – and it’s obligatory to make a Zwetschgendatschi. Le gros père […]

Believe me: they will be happy. Boil some potatoes in their skins, serve them with salad and add Claudia’s curd (Quark): the potatoes will say “thank you” and offer you a good and simple meal. Years ago I prepared potatoes with Claudia. I wanted to start to mix some ingredients for curd with herbs, but […]