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No, this isn’t an ordinary dish of mashed potatoes. And it’s no real aligot. Aligot? What’s that? I got to know this dish during my holidays in France – mashed potatoes with a special kind of cheese, la tomme fraîche. Well… here I won’t find this kind of cheese. So I looked here and there […]

Breizh da viken


…this means Brittany forever. It’s a great region in France, and if you go there, you should eat galettes (buckwheat pancakes) and crêpes (I call them Palatschinken, it’s not exactly the same, but close enough). If you have crêpes, eat them with caramel sauce. Made with salted butter. The caramel sauce is great, but not […]

I’ve started reading Julie&Julia. The first recipe mentioned in the book is Soupe Parmentier – which is also the very first recipe in the cookbook “Mastering the art of French Cooking”. Having a big cold, I had no choice: I needed soup! So I got quickly leeks and potatoes and started to make the soup. […]

I’m getting old.  It must be 17 years ago that I have eaten this kind of soup. It was in France and it was the first time that I had something like Pesto. I didn’t like it then. However, the wisdom of age has come to me… Don’t ask me, why I thought some weeks […]

What you see in the picture is a French recipe made with Italian and Swiss cheese (oh, it’s even beyond the borders of the European Union!) and a lot of ingredients made in Germany. I got a big piece of Gorgonzola, and a perfect way to use it, is to make a Tarte au fromage. […]