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…but you want to serve a soup? So bake quickly Savory Scallion Biscuits and impress your guests! I took some chives and scallions and made them quickly to serve them with soup. And hey – even the next day they were soft enough to eat without soaking them in soup! The recipe is – as […]

“Do something” said the broccoli in the fridge. “Do something! Please!” it said. It had been waiting for quite a long time in the fridge. I’d had made the promise to combine it with cream – maybe to accompany some pasta. Or potatoes. And then… Nothing. I didn’t do anything where I needed the broccoli. […]

Two weeks ago I was in Barcelona to visit a friend there. And of course I had to eat tostadas con tomate (or pan con tomate) which I got to know some years ago in Madrid. It’s easy and soooooo yummie! I love it for breakfast with a cup of good coffee – as I […]

I do love veggies – and even more with a dip. With a sort of Guacamole for example. It’s easy and fast – and it makes me think of Togo (yes, Togo. Not Mexico.), where we prepared it quite often. It was no problem to get good ripe avocados when we were there. We could […]

Vamos a tapear!


Finally. Finally I made my first not-fallen-apart-Tortilla. I’m very proud. And I had a good protein-combination of potatoes and eggs in my bento. Even better: memories of Spain! The whole thing could have been a bit thicker, but it was ok. The alternative: use of more eggs – but I think that 2 eggs are […]