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I’ve never really liked cabbage salad. However, I’m learning to cope with it. Regional and seasonal cuisine is asking for cabbage-use. Since I’ve read that it’s advisable to knead the cut cabbage with salt to soften it, my dislike for cabbage salad is getting less. In Nicky’s book “delicious days” I’ve found a recipe for […]

watching the pictures I had taken of this dish, I was a little bit dismayed: It doesn’t look very appealing. I know. Believe me: in reality it looks 10 times better. And the taste is even 100 times better! If you want to know what it is: years ago we have called it “mediterranean spelt” […]

…but also good food. And easy to prepare. I usually use it to make Taboulé (yes, I’ll give you one day the recipe for my Taboulé), but in one of the famous Moosewood-Books (Moosewood Restaurant Daily Special) I found an interesting recipe for a bulghur salad with spinach and artichokes. Of course, I didn’t buy […]

…just as it sounds funny, I think. This is a very easy salad which often finds its way into my bento. Normally I always have some green beans in the freezer and dried tomatoes in the cupboard. The feta cheese is just an extra.

Do you know the cookbooks of the Moosewood restaurant? If you like to cook vegetarian, buy them. They are great. Even without pictures. Last week I made a potato salad which was inspired by a recipe of “Moosewood restaurant daly special” – a book of soups and salads. I didn’t follow exactly the recipe, basically […]