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I am delighted!


These cookies – their name is “Espresso Delights” – are great. Like most of the cookies of “the ultimate cookie book” of Better Homes and Gardens – I bought this book last year when I visited my sister in New York; of course I had to buy a cookbook. I’m still testing all these recipes, […]

Spending the whole day in an orchestra rehearsal means that you need energy. And playing a string instrument means: you can eat during the rehearsals. And playing viola means: there will be a perfect buffet of sweets in your group. These cookies can be a perfect part of it: they aren’t sticky, so your fingers […]

Cinnamom buns


14 years ago I tasted a cinnamom bun in Canada with a frosting that I didn’t know. Oooooh, it was sooo gooooood. And some years ago, I read the murder mystery “knit one, kill two” – the rather low quality of the book (there are better murder mysteries…) is enhanced by the recipe at the […]