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Ok. They look in the picture more like dogs that have been playing in orange mud – but in reality they are crocodiles who look like having played in orange mud. No, that’s not correct: in reality (surprise, surprise), they are very yummy cookies! My mother got the recipe from a friend, so I don’t […]

A sweet Quickie


In Sweden I could have eaten them anywhere: rum or coconut balls, but I didn’t dare to test them: they were huge (about the size of a handful – a whole-day meal) and I feared margarine with vanilla-taste which is often used in bakeries. So I didn’t buy any. Back in Germany, I got my […]

I am delighted!


These cookies – their name is “Espresso Delights” – are great. Like most of the cookies of “the ultimate cookie book” of Better Homes and Gardens – I bought this book last year when I visited my sister in New York; of course I had to buy a cookbook. I’m still testing all these recipes, […]

When I read this post, I knew I had to try these buns. It sounded too good and too interesting, as you pour milk and butter over the buns while baking them. Finally I had the time to try the recipe. As I couldn’t think of anything else but the combination of chocolate, pears and […]

Last week I decided spontaneously to buy kumquats. For the first time in my life. After looking here and there in the internet, I made a small dessert which I put in my bento.