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I love sushi. And it’s cool to make it for a bento box for work. Get out the sushi, get out soy sauce, get out the chopsticks – and everybody will be envious while eating his boring sandwich for lunch… Of course you shouldn’t take sushi with raw fish to work and wait hours and […]

Getting bored by eating avocado in salad, guacamole or in sushi? Well… I like avocado. In any way. It’s not, that I’m bored. But curious. The book “Vegetarische Köstlichkeiten aus 40 Ländern der Welt” by Barbara Rias-Bucher showed me a new way to eat avocado. No, to drink it! It’s an avocado-shake, a recipe from […]

…but yummy and very quick: a Japanese-inspired Avocado-Salad. I found a recipe in the book “ma petite cuisine Japonaise” by Laure Kié. As I didn’t have all of the ingredients, I changed it a bit, and it was just perfect for adding a little salad to a dinner. The recipe combines Avocado with pears (and […]

There are many, many ways of making pasta. So many that you’ll never find an end. A new one for me was Pasta with Avocado sauce. I’ve read a recipe in the latest Essen und Trinken, saw then another recipe at Küchengötter and made then my own version. If you wonder about the shape of […]

I do love veggies – and even more with a dip. With a sort of Guacamole for example. It’s easy and fast – and it makes me think of Togo (yes, Togo. Not Mexico.), where we prepared it quite often. It was no problem to get good ripe avocados when we were there. We could […]