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We had 1/2 a cabbage in the fridge. And I knew that in Austria, there is a dish called Krautfleckerl – Pasta with cabbage. Sounds weird, but is yummy! So I looked in the internet how to make them, read a bit here and read a bit there and made then well… something. Result: tasty […]

I haven’t eaten them for years, I think. When I was a child, we had them… maybe not weekly, but let’s say: monthly. I’m talking about Topfendatschi. My mother probably had always one ingredient in the fridge: Topfen. The Germans call it Quark, I know as an English translation “curd”, but I’m not really sure, […]

Austrian pasta


No, it’s not only Italian, the knowledge of making pasta. The Austrians know to make some similar things like culurgioni as well – pasta dough, a filling made on a basis of potatoes and cheese, some herbs (in the original, mint is used – in the Italian and in the Austrian version) – and the […]