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I was hungry for a yeast-cake with nuts. In my family, each sunday we had a cake – often baked with yeast. One day (to be exact, the 9th september 1990, this date is written in my mum’s cookbook) my mother tried a new recipe and made a yeast-cake filled with a nut- or almond-filling. […]

I have already told you that I always prepare my lunch in the evening and take it to work in a bento box. Why? I just love to eat different foods for one meal. That’s what I love in France: in Germany, you get basically one big plate with a big meal. In France, you’ll […]



Another must-bake for Christmas: Spitzbuben (which means “rascals” – in German bakeries you can buy them as big cookies with wholes in the shape of grinning faces). The best recipe is my mom’s (of course….) – she got it from “Bayerisches Kochbuch” by Maria Hofmann and Helmut Lydtin – a classic of 943 pages (56th […]

No Christmas without Omas Schokoplätzerl. It isn’t possible. In Germany, it’s a tradition to make Christmas cookies – and for me there is no way to have Christmas without the chocolate cookies my grandmother used to make. Some years ago, my mother had to re-produce chocolate cookies on december 26th as there weren’t many Schokoplätzerl left…

At fool for food I found a recipe for gluten-free orange-almond cake. Luckily I can eat gluten. However it’s always good to know some good gluten-free recipes. But what made me really curious was that oranges were boiled for 2 hours and then blended (with the peel) before being added to the batter. Of course […]