DSC05217This is a quick recipe. That’s why I took quickly a photo – no, it’s not nice, but hey… we’re talking about recipes, not about photos, no?

The recipe is a quick red walnut pesto from Moosewood. Not much chopping, not much to have in the fridge, quickly made – perfect evening food after a long day at work!

You’re gonna find the recipe in the book “Simple Suppers”.

For four people, bring water for pasta to a boil. You need: Continue reading ‘Quick. Making food, making pictures.’


DSC05222We had 1/2 a cabbage in the fridge. And I knew that in Austria, there is a dish called Krautfleckerl – Pasta with cabbage. Sounds weird, but is yummy! So I looked in the internet how to make them, read a bit here and read a bit there and made then well… something. Result: tasty stuff – and one more nice way to eat cabbage! The cabbage gets quite sweet and tender, which makes it very yummy.

I followed more or less this recipe, but I’ve read that others season with marjoram or caraway seeds. I decided to use allspice as Senta Berger recommends.

For the dough, I just used my durum wheat – water – oil mix, as always. Sister of a vegan and daughter of an egg-saving mother, I am sometimes also an egg-saver. And I like my pasta dough. Continue reading ‘Austrian pasta – once again!’

DSC05194Once again, I did it. I bought a cook book. From Moosewood. Yeah, I already have some of them – but I know that some day, I’m gonna have all of them. I love them. And – surprise! – I really use them!! As I often don’t have much time (yes, I know, last post was december 3rd, I know, I know…), I bought the book “simple suppers” – first Moosewood-book with pictures! (Let’s say: first that I’ve got.)

Perfect for stressed-out yuppies like me. (Do yuppies still exist? I mean, it was a word of the 1980s, no?)

Maybe some recipes seem to be so simple that you wonder why you didn’t have the idea by yourself. I love simple recipes, though. So one winter day (it was in December, we had some days of snow, at least!) we made this Italian bread and cheese soup, for which you don’t really need a real recipe. As it’s not very photogenic, I took a picture of the book where you can get a glimpse of the soup… Continue reading ‘I did it. I bought a cook book.’

DSC05185It was time for a rehearsal with the orchestra again. So it was time for cookies, again! Christmas is coming soon, so the Gingerbread cookies of the Moosewood book of desserts would be perfect. They are quite spicy and keep well their shape. So it was perfect to stamp the word “Probenkeks” (rehearsal cookies) in the cookies – to know the purpose of these little sweets. People loved them. The shape of the cookie cutter is probably thought to be a violin; due to its rather rough shape it’s more a viola… Continue reading ‘A gingery rehearsal’

Coming home from work – tired, frustrated, and hungry, I knew what I had to do: I needed to do some cooking to relax. And it had to be quick – I was hungry. Oh, and there were some mushrooms left which needed to be eaten. Some pasta is always in the house. And the cream, oh, the cream, yeah, we should eat it… And half an onion was still in the fridge. And a handful of walnuts was in the cupboard, too. So I made a quick pasta-sauce of all these ingredients: Continue reading ‘A quick anti-frustration-dinner’