my notepad for recipes

This page will be a reminder for myself. I often try new recipes – and then I forget where I found them to remake it. So here are my notes for myself. And for you, if you want to try something, too!

carrots with ginger – a pickle by chocolate and zucchini (English or French)

this easy salad by Nicky, the author of delicious days, which sounds is very yummie!

…and things I want to try… – don’t forget, la grosse mere, don’t forget!

…and here once again a quick dish by Kochschlampe – oh, I have to hurry to try all these recipes…

Stuffed Zucchini – a vegetarian version that looks very good! Zucchini, come to my kitchen!

chocolate swirl bread by Hefe und mehr  – It looks so tempting…

For peanut butter with chocolate-lovers: I still want to make these calory-sins.

Cheese, cheese, cheese: this sounds interesting!

For the next orchestra-rehearsal: Havreflarn!

I also have to try this mousse au chocolat – looks too interesting.

…and these sticky buns here! oooooh….

This basil-syrup sounds interesting, too! basil on the balcony: grow!


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