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I was in Munich about one week ago – and found there one of the nicest cafés ever. In fact, it’s a bakery with a special history: 2 Japanese people who lived in Japan ate some German sourdough-bread in a German bakery in Japan and decided to learn how to make this bread. So they […]

Yes, I can!


I tell you: pear jam caused real frustration in my life. Well, ok, it wasn’t that bad, but it was frustrating, though. The first time, I’ve tasted pear jam, was in France in… let me think… 1993, I think. It was a friend of my mother, who had made it, and since then, I’ve loved […]

Blue cheese…


…makes a good dressing. Quick and easy (of course!), this recipe of moosewood (found in the book “mooewood restaurant daily special”) makes a nice change for the nearly daily salad!

Surprise, surprise, I was in holidays. Ok, I’m already back again, but my kitchen seems still to be in holidays. I don’t know exactly why, but right now, there’s not much time for cooking or baking. When I do so, I don’t prepare anything new or exciting, so nothing for a post. But let me […]

I spent one week in Munich to get rid of my 2010’s holidays. And I was too lazy to take pictures. However there’s much to eat there! Monday: our personal Biergarten-season opening at the Chinese tower. Tuesday: Visit of the Hofpfisterei, food at the Ethiopian restaurant Blue Nile. Purchase of an apricot-bread with cashews at […]