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Since november, we’re living in an apartment with a balcony. And of course we had to start gardening! This week, we’ve already harvested 5 radishes, small and yummy – and today? Today was the big day: A whole 2-person-salad-bowl filled with the harvest of our balcony! Little salad, arugula, some radishes and the leaves of […]

More exactly in Bingen. That’s what they told us. We took a breakfast in a café at our little bicycle tour we made during the Easter Holidays. Great weather, great landscape  – and many picknicks. This means: nothing new in the cooking pot…

Don’t ask. Please don’t ask me if this is a mix of chocolate, butter and cream to make a chocolate glaze. Don’t ask me, if I’ve melted the chocolate in a double boiler (in Germany known as Wasserbad). It’s late in the evening and I wanted to be quick. But from now on, things change: […]

Last weekend we met with some friends – and Kati brought me a late birthday-present: a new cookbook! I have never heard about Chakall, but now he’s in my house. No, his book only. Many recipes that seem to be yummy – often not very complicated and with not too many special ingredients. (The topic […]

Yes, it was Christmas. And yes, I got presents. And surprise, surprise: I got presents for the kitchen, too!