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I love reading cookbooks. When I’m reading foreign cookbooks, I don’t look into a dictionary for each word that I don’t know. I understand many words by intuition. Well… that’s what I’ve thought. Of course, I knew Irish Stew, and if somebody would have asked me, what it would be, I would have said “Eintopf” […]

It’s a vegetarian classic and kind of compensatory-veggie-cuisine: Sellerie-Schnitzel. Yeah, calling it Schnitzel and serving it like a classic Schnitzel with pototatoes and some veggies as a side-dish, you seem to admit, that vegetarian food can’t be real food. But sometimes, I like classic cooking and I like using veggies besides tomatoes and zucchini. I […]

I was looking for veggies, but hey – you find everything from Spain or Greece or whereever. German veggies? Rather uncool stuff. Uncool? Cauliflower? Well… I bought it. At home, I was looking into my cookbooks, looking for something interesting. And yes, in the book “Sundays at Moosewoods” I found a recipe from Finland. Finnish […]

“Do something” said the broccoli in the fridge. “Do something! Please!” it said. It had been waiting for quite a long time in the fridge. I’d had made the promise to combine it with cream – maybe to accompany some pasta. Or potatoes. And then… Nothing. I didn’t do anything where I needed the broccoli. […]

I don’t know anymore, where I got this recipe. I was cooking it with a friend a long time ago. There I’ve copied it, and I don’t know anymore the book. Sorry. However, it’s yummy and a nice way to eat Sauerkraut! How to make this gratin? Well, get the groceries and start! …It takes […]