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Right now it’s the perfect season for soups. Coming home from the cold weather outside, it’s nice to eat a warm soup in the evening. So I’m testing many recipes of Moosewood’s book “Daily special”: last time it was a celery soup with blue cheese. As it’s hard to find celery (Bleich-/Staudensellerie) from Germany right […]

Once again, I did it. I bought a cook book. From Moosewood. Yeah, I already have some of them – but I know that some day, I’m gonna have all of them. I love them. And – surprise! – I really use them!! As I often don’t have much time (yes, I know, last post […]

I love reading cookbooks. When I’m reading foreign cookbooks, I don’t look into a dictionary for each word that I don’t know. I understand many words by intuition. Well… that’s what I’ve thought. Of course, I knew Irish Stew, and if somebody would have asked me, what it would be, I would have said “Eintopf” […]

No real art.


It’s no real art. No new-great-exciting recipe. No great picture. Just a little quick soup. A semolina soup. However I like it. My mother used to make it for me, when I was sick, but nevertheless I’ve always liked it. I still make it, when I’m sick, but sometimes just to have a quick little […]

Anikó writes often about Hungarian cuisine. She always explains the words and groups of dishes, and I like reading it – but I wouldn’t be sure how to call my stuff really. Remains the question of pronounciation. However, I call it Kartoffelgulasch. Or Kartoffelpaprikas. To sound more interesting, because if I have well understood, a […]