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…but yummy and very quick: a Japanese-inspired Avocado-Salad. I found a recipe in the book “ma petite cuisine Japonaise” by Laure Kié. As I didn’t have all of the ingredients, I changed it a bit, and it was just perfect for adding a little salad to a dinner. The recipe combines Avocado with pears (and […]

Everybody complains about the weather. But hey, today there was sun! (This bright thing in the sky, you know…) So it was a perfect day for a summer salad. I didn’t feel like going to the supermarkets I usually go to, so this time, I went to the Turkish supermarket that’s not far away. Oh, […]

Today I had in my bento box greetings from Moosewood. Having a lazy-cooking-week, I made for the upper part of my box a little side dish: Marinated zucchini. Nothing complicated, not many dishes (no, I don’t have a dishwasher…), not many ingredients (only a zucchino and things that you’ve got at home anyways) – and […]

I’ve never really liked cabbage salad. However, I’m learning to cope with it. Regional and seasonal cuisine is asking for cabbage-use. Since I’ve read that it’s advisable to knead the cut cabbage with salt to soften it, my dislike for cabbage salad is getting less. In Nicky’s book “delicious days” I’ve found a recipe for […]

Yes, I’m also testing my new cookbooks! This is an easy mushroom salad which I found in the book “Chakall kocht” – I was a little surprised that the dressing only consists of cream, but yes, it wasn’t bad. I would say that I’m gonna make this salad again. It’s easy and different from my […]