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I’m getting old.  It must be 17 years ago that I have eaten this kind of soup. It was in France and it was the first time that I had something like Pesto. I didn’t like it then. However, the wisdom of age has come to me… Don’t ask me, why I thought some weeks […]

In English they are called chick peas. In German, their name is Kichererbsen, and kichern means to giggle. Normally I’m not too fond of them, but this salad is very good! And fast. I got the recipe from a friend who got it from a friend (who also got it from a friend??)

Ok. Maybe I shouldn’t post a photo of it – but believe me, it’s very yummy!!! It’s a red-lentil-potato-curry with lemon. A friend prepared it sometimes and after having bought a can of coconut milk, I decided to make a similar curry. I think she got the recipe from the book “Rezepte unter 1,50 Euro” […]

Lentils and grains give you a perfect combination of proteins. Ok, that’s what science tells us. Now… how to integrate these two ingredients to make a healthy lunch which doesn’t taste too healthy?