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…but you want to serve a soup? So bake quickly Savory Scallion Biscuits and impress your guests! I took some chives and scallions and made them quickly to serve them with soup. And hey – even the next day they were soft enough to eat without soaking them in soup! The recipe is – as […]

Dear Kochschlampe, thank you for such a great recipe! Why don’t I make it more often? It’s easy, it’s quick – and soooo good: Kochschlampe’s Flammkuchen. Get some sour cream, make a dough, heat the oven and look into your fridge what you could use for a Flammkuchen! The amount is for 2 people, really […]

When Anikó wrote about Okonomiyaki, I got peckish. And finally I made it to prepare some, too. It was one year ago that I got to know them when a friend who had lived in Japan for about 1 year invited us for an evening with Japanese food, and we also had Okonomiyaki, the Japanese […]