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I love sushi. And it’s cool to make it for a bento box for work. Get out the sushi, get out soy sauce, get out the chopsticks – and everybody will be envious while eating his boring sandwich for lunch… Of course you shouldn’t take sushi with raw fish to work and wait hours and […]

watching the pictures I had taken of this dish, I was a little bit dismayed: It doesn’t look very appealing. I know. Believe me: in reality it looks 10 times better. And the taste is even 100 times better! If you want to know what it is: years ago we have called it “mediterranean spelt” […]

I like Thai-style curries with coconut milk. Sometimes. Not every week. Most recipes ask for curry paste, then you buy a pot of curry paste, use it once – and then it starts its sad life of waiting for the next use in the fridge. One pot of curry paste is just too much for […]



I don’t know any more when I had my first Taboulé, but I know that it was in France. It’s a perfect summer salad and it’s perfect for a bento – well chilled for hot summer days. Of course, there are different versions to make a Taboulé. From a Lebanese colleague I learned that the […]

…but also good food. And easy to prepare. I usually use it to make Taboulé (yes, I’ll give you one day the recipe for my Taboulé), but in one of the famous Moosewood-Books (Moosewood Restaurant Daily Special) I found an interesting recipe for a bulghur salad with spinach and artichokes. Of course, I didn’t buy […]