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No, this is no jam. This is a salad dressing. I saw the recipe in the latest Essen und Trinken für jeden Tag and made more or less my own version. This means: I didn’t follow exactly the given amounts due to lazyness. And I didn’t use pure raspberries, because I didn’t have any – […]

One of my colleagues comes from Lebanon and told me to make a Tahini dressing for artichokes. Some weeks ago I got some artichokes and asked him again. He told me a recipe (without telling me the amounts of the ingredients) which I also found as a salad dressing in one of my Moosewood-books. I […]

Yeeeeeears ago, I often had this dip when I visited my viola teacher. A yummy olive dip, Grissini and some veggies – a perfect snack! I don’t use a recipe any more, I just stir the ingredients together – to taste. And since I’ve found out that black olive paste (something like tapenade), that I’ve […]

Blue cheese…


…makes a good dressing. Quick and easy (of course!), this recipe of moosewood (found in the book “mooewood restaurant daily special”) makes a nice change for the nearly daily salad!

I’ve started to learn how to make Sauce Hollandaise. At home, we’ve never had it, and le gros père was used to have asparagus with Sauce Hollandaise. Well… After having tasted some convenience-sauce Hollandaises, I’ve decided to try how to make it myself. First, I tried a recipe of Julia Child in the book “Mastering […]