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oh, I’m getting lazy. At least in blogging. Maybe due to my acute phase of knitting addiction… Nevertheless, I’m eating. Always. And cooking. Less than eating, but still quite often. And when friends are coming over here, it’s always the question: what for dessert? Something yummy. Something easy. But not just some ice cream. Too […]

Everybody would say that fruits and veggies are healthy. And bananas are fruits. And perfect for ice cream. A just-banana-icecream. Really. Nothing else but banana! I found this recipe in one of the Moosewood-books, more exactly in the book “Moosewood Restaurant book of Desserts”. It soundes so crazy that I had to try it. No […]

My colleague is in holidays. And needed somebody for watering the garden. No problem! Remuneration: veggies and herbs, fresh from the garden! Cool deal. I picked a full hand of basil leaves there, and riding home, the idea came to me: a basil-lemon-sorbet, as I was pretty thirsty. Came home, told le gros père my […]

eatable fruit!


I’ve told you already: I’m not a fruit eater. Maybe apples, but nothing else. Not just to eat fruit. If you serve a dessert – oh yes, that’s different! That’s ok, dessert is ok! I’ve got the e&t (Jan 2012) in my hands and found recipes with blood oranges. And there was an Orangengrütze (which […]

“Eat veggies and fruit”, they say. “It’s good for you”. Well… if you want me to eat more fruit, you have to make a little effort: you have to hide it, if it’s not apples. For example, in a cake. (no, we won’t talk about the benefits of fruit and about drawbacks of the other […]