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It was time for a rehearsal with the orchestra again. So it was time for cookies, again! Christmas is coming soon, so the Gingerbread cookies of the Moosewood book of desserts would be perfect. They are quite spicy and keep well their shape. So it was perfect to stamp the word “Probenkeks” (rehearsal cookies) in […]

Cookies again


This time, Italian sesame cookies. Of course, a recipe of one of my favourite cookbooks: Moosewood Restaurant book of desserts. Nearly everything I made of this book, was yummy. This recipe has been marked with two exclamation marks by myself – to remind me to make these cookies more often. So finally, we made them […]

Cookie monster is happy: He got some cookies again! It’s summertime, and there’s some rosemary at our balcony. So I got Aniko’s recipe for Rosmarin-Heidesand and made some cookies. The fun thing is that nobody thinks about rosemary when trying these cookies. Some people asked me, if this would be ginger; my sister said something […]

Sweet memories


Mice in my pot! But these are not the sweet memories I wanna talk about. Years, no, yeeeeeeeeears ago I was in Canada for a student exchange. There, we often brought for fundraising-buffets rice crispy squares, which were pretty easy to make. Back to Germany, I’ve never found crisp rice cereal to make them. And […]

Ok. They look in the picture more like dogs that have been playing in orange mud – but in reality they are crocodiles who look like having played in orange mud. No, that’s not correct: in reality (surprise, surprise), they are very yummy cookies! My mother got the recipe from a friend, so I don’t […]