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…for a good recipe for Käsekuchen, the German cheesecake. Too bad, I don’t have a real idea, what I’m looking for, just something yummy, interesting – something, where you say: yes, that’s very good! I’m not too fond of Käsekuchen. I like it, but it’s not my favourite. However – every Café in Germany has […]



It’s le gros père’s birthday today! Of course I made a cake for him. An old classic of “Backvergnügen wie noch nie” of the GU-Verlag. Don’t ask me the authors nor the year of the edition. It’s a cake which seems to be complicated but isn’t really. However, today I’ve learned the following things:   […]

It’s not very often that I’ve eaten a really good marble cake. Yeah, it looks nice, but the taste is most of the times quite boring. “Buy the yellow baking book!”, a friend said. “I do love the marble cake!”. I was sceptic. Marble cake? Oh no, it’s sooo boring! Days and days I visited […]

For a long time I believed that vegan muffins are not possible. Not yummy. Since a few months I’m trying again and again, and yes: it’s possible to make yummy muffin-shaped vegan stuff! Their texture is not exactly like “classical” muffins – I would say, they’re “chewyier”, but they’re a quick little treat! For the […]

A cake walk


Yeah, I seam to dance a little cake walk in the kitchen these weeks… But I don’t eat only cake. For being honest, I also made a focaccia last week, but due to optical failure I couldn’t take a picture of it. So the focaccia has to wait. Meanwhile I made a cake that was […]