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Home again


Surprise, surprise: I was in holidays. For about 3 weeks, le gros père and I were in the region where I’ve got my name and followed this sign, using our bikes: We went from Orléans to Le Croisic and had 3 weeks of nice weather, nice food, nice towns, villages, cities, landscape, lots of châteaux, […]

For a little bike tour, we went to France, well… to the border and had there a little tour from Lauterbourg to Wissembourg and then to Bad Bergzabern. Of course, a visit in a patisserie was a must-do: There we tested chocolat cake and something with a mousse of fruits. Very yummy. And so nice […]

real cooking stuff soon again… ;-)

Silent night…


No picture, no recipe, no cooking. I have moved recently, and the kitchen is no real kitchen yet. But soon…