Do you know Calvin and Hobbes? In school, Calvin has to prepare a this-is-me-project. Here is mine for you:

…and here are some tasks for you:

1. Find the château d’Angers in this picture
2. Find the sewing machine
3. Can you find the word “studied”?
4. Where is the cup of coffee?

…and as I’m sure that you also have at least one question for me, I’ll give you the answer: no, I’m not a mother, no, I’m not fat. Yes, “la grosse mère” means “fat mother”. So… why?
It was some years ago; I was as an Erasmus student in Angers (did you find the castle?) and we were a whole bunch of foreign students: from Mexico, Czech Republic, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Peru, from everywhere.  One day, José from Mexico noticed that I was the oldest one of us all. And he told me: “Oh, tu es la grosse mère”. What he wanted to say was: “Oh, tu es la grand-mère” (Oh, you are the grand-mother) – Getting fat is easier than you think!!


3 Responses to “about…”

  1. 1 Ulrike

    Wow! Super getroffen!- Bratsche-Zeichnen müssen wir noch ein bissl üben, aber sonst bin ich beeindruckt von deinen Zeichenkünsten! :)

  2. 2 josé

    Chere Ursulita bientôt je vais répondre a ton mail, des moments difficil au niveau de boulot sont venus et du coup j’étaias cette fois vraiment débordé. Mais, pour ne perdre pas l’habitude je te laisse cette liaisson pour un romain qui as des raports sur la cuisine mexiquene …http://www.dad.uncu.edu.ar/upload/Como%20agua%20para%20chocolate.pdf. En spagnol bien sûr, ahora tu hablas y lees la lengua de cervantes.

  1. 1 Home again « la grosse mere

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