DSC06068…for a good recipe for Käsekuchen, the German cheesecake. Too bad, I don’t have a real idea, what I’m looking for, just something yummy, interesting – something, where you say: yes, that’s very good!

I’m not too fond of Käsekuchen. I like it, but it’s not my favourite. However – every Café in Germany has to have Käsekuchen. No way without Käsekuchen! Some old people say that a woman has to know how to make Käsekuchen for getting married.

The last Käsekuchen I had was quite a bad version in a Café, freshly thawed, tasting like chemical vanilla and the cardboard of its packaging. Never again.

So I have started a journey through the recipes of Käsekuchen. First, I’ve watched this video. Interesting hints of how to make a baker-like Käsekuchen. Though baker-like is not always a real goal for cakes. I think that often the home-baked cakes are the best.

First trial: this recipe (the first one). I wondered about the flour instead of starch in the curd-cream, but tried it. It worked quite well.

Oven: probably too hot. Dough outside: too much flour, not enough taste – I need to find a good recipe for a pie crust. Filling: too sweet, quite a lot of fat, I’d like to use less eggs. Taste: ok, but lacking something. I don’t now what, but it was a bit too “only sweet, lemony and curd”. Maybe next time something with sour cream? Turning the cake after baking works well, the cake doesn’t fall apart. Texture: perfect.

The recipe:

50 g sugar
125 g butter
250 g flour
1 pinch of salt
a little bit of cold water


a little bit of jam or jelly (I used red currant)

5 eggs (separated)
250 g sugar
1 kg curd (Quark)
125 g flour
125 g butter (melted)
1/2 lemon (zest and juice)

Make quickly a dough of the butter, sugar, salt, and flour. Add a little bit of water. Put in a 26cm-mould and keep it in the fridge for at least 1 hour.

Preheat the oven (180°C), bake the crust for 10-15 minutes. (Note to myself: next time at least 15!)

Let it cool a bit, the spread some jelly on top of the crust.

Beat the egg whites with half of the sugar and a pinch of salt. Set aside. Beat the egg yolks with the rest of the sugar, lemon zest and vanilla until nearly white. Stir in curd (without the water in the package), melted butter, and flour. Adjust the texture with milk. The texture is shown in the video (about minute 7.42).

Fold in the egg white. Fill the crust with the curd-filling and put the cake into the oven. Bake for – haha, how long? The recipe says 1 hour, but after 45 minutes I thought, it should be enough. I feard a too dark cake. So maybe next time a bit less of temperature and a bit more of time?

After about 30-40 minutes of baking, look, if it has risen. If yes, get it out, cut it on the edge (about minute 14.36) with a wet knife and let it set for about 5 minutes. Put it back into the oven. Continue baking for 10 minutes, check if it has risen again. If yes, get it out again, don’t cut this time, just let it outside the oven for about 5 minutes. Thend put it back until finished. You have to get it out of the oven for about 1 more time – just look what your cake is doing. Why cutting?! To avoid that the surface breaks.

When it’s done, get it out of the oven. Turn it on a grid when it’s still hot and let it cool upside down. The surface will get the pattern of the grid, and the middle will not sink.

Let’s see, when I’m gonna bake the next Käsekuchen. My goal: write about it. Not possible that I’ve posted the last recipe in March!! tsssss…..


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  1. 1 josé maría león

    uhmmmm yomi yomi me gusta ese pie…saludos Ursulita. Un abrazo.

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