Last time in Munich


WP_000026I was in Munich about one week ago – and found there one of the nicest cafés ever. In fact, it’s a bakery with a special history: 2 Japanese people who lived in Japan ate some German sourdough-bread in a German bakery in Japan and decided to learn how to make this bread. So they went to Germany, learned German and followed an apprenticeship in Bakery. Later, they opened their own little bakery in Germany. There, they offer bread and yummy cake, you can have a coffee and sit there in a really, really, really lovely shop. (Seeing the cake, I thought, that they surely went some time to France, too – their mini-cakes looked just like made in France!).

I had there some coffee and a good cake – and bought brownies, a cake for le gros père and a bread. Took all thishome by train carrying a big bag – no… nearly home. I must have forgot the bag in the train. This was pretty sad. Or stupid.

However – next time in Munich, it will be Obori-time again!! And then I’m gonna try their bread.

I also liked their menu: you could get “Milch – warm oder kart” (“milk – warm or cord”):


And special: their sign in the window – knitted!

WP_000029So, if you’re in Munich, please go there, it’s really, really nice!

Bäckerei Obori, Lothringer Straße 15, München


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