Quick. Making food, making pictures.


DSC05217This is a quick recipe. That’s why I took quickly a photo – no, it’s not nice, but hey… we’re talking about recipes, not about photos, no?

The recipe is a quick red walnut pesto from Moosewood. Not much chopping, not much to have in the fridge, quickly made – perfect evening food after a long day at work!

You’re gonna find the recipe in the book “Simple Suppers”.

For four people, bring water for pasta to a boil. You need:

500g pasta (e. g. Spaghetti)

1 can of tomatoes (Moosewood asks for 1 cup, but I used one small can of 400g)
1 package of walnuts (150g) (Moosewood asks for 1 cup again. 150g are about 1,5 cups, like 400g of canned tomatoes ;-)
1 garlic clove
salt, pepper, olive oil

Boil the pasta. Meanwhile, toast the walnuts (you can also spread them on a plate and microwave them until fragrant). Then put the walnuts into a blender, blend them until smoth, add tomatoes and garlic, blend everything, season with salt and pepper, and add some olive oil.

Serve pasta with pesto, and if you wish with Parmigiano. Done!


2 Responses to “Quick. Making food, making pictures.”

  1. 1 jose

    C’est génial pour les gens qui nous n’avons pas trop de temps. Salut.

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