I did it. I bought a cook book.


DSC05194Once again, I did it. I bought a cook book. From Moosewood. Yeah, I already have some of them – but I know that some day, I’m gonna have all of them. I love them. And – surprise! – I really use them!! As I often don’t have much time (yes, I know, last post was december 3rd, I know, I know…), I bought the book “simple suppers” – first Moosewood-book with pictures! (Let’s say: first that I’ve got.)

Perfect for stressed-out yuppies like me. (Do yuppies still exist? I mean, it was a word of the 1980s, no?)

Maybe some recipes seem to be so simple that you wonder why you didn’t have the idea by yourself. I love simple recipes, though. So one winter day (it was in December, we had some days of snow, at least!) we made this Italian bread and cheese soup, for which you don’t really need a real recipe. As it’s not very photogenic, I took a picture of the book where you can get a glimpse of the soup…

Just grate some cheese (quite a lot), toast a slice of bread (1 per person), break the bread into bite sized pieces and put it in a soup bowl. Put in there the grated cheese, too. Sprinkle with a little bit of fresh parsley and top with a 1/4 l of veggie broth. Done!

(Ok, Moosewood adds some garlic as an optional ingredient, but they use garlic every time. During the week, I don’t dare to use it…).

It’s pretty similar to Robert’s Luzerner Chassuppe – just quicker. Perfect for a quick evening dinner when it’s cold outside!

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