It’s le gros père’s birthday today! Of course I made a cake for him. An old classic of “Backvergnügen wie noch nie” of the GU-Verlag. Don’t ask me the authors nor the year of the edition. It’s a cake which seems to be complicated but isn’t really. However, today I’ve learned the following things:



1. It works also with Apfelwein instead of Cidre
2. Use apples that are not too juicy to avoid that the cake falls apart.
3. Wait until it’s fully cooled before transferring the cake to a serving plate. (Right: to avoid that the cake falls apart)
4. Use a serving plate that is big enough for the cake (to avoid that the cake falls apart).

Apart from these: it’s yummy. Luckily I’ve taken a picture of the whole cake, because after cutting, we had to use spoons… But from earlier times when I still lived at home, I know that this recipe works. Just mind about the 4 points I’ve mentioned.

You need:

250 g flour
125 g butter
80 g sugar
1 egg

750 ml Cidre (or Apfelwein; quite a must in the region of Odenwald ;-)
200 g sugar
2 packages vanilla pudding powder (how would you call it in English?) or 10 tblsp cornstarch

1 kg apples (I can’t recommend Topaz – too juicy. Probably Boskoop should work)

300-400 g whipping cream
cocoa powder

Let’s start with a quick dough of flour, butter, sugar and egg: Knead togehter butter and sugar, add the egg, then the flour, knead until crumbly, form a dough (quickly!) using your hands. Grab a cake tin (26 cm in diameter), put in the dough, form a high (!) edge. Put your work into the fridge four about 1 hour or more.

Preheat the oven (175°C). Peel the apples.

Bring most of the cidre to a boil with sugar. In an extra bowl, use the rest of the cidre to mix it well with the starch. As soon as the cidre is boiling, stir in the cidre-starch-mix. Stir well, let it boil once more, set aside.

While the cidre is heating, cut the apples and put them in the baking tin (yeah, on top of the dough). When the cidre-custard is done, pour it evenly over the apples and bake the whole thing for 80-90 minutes.

Let it cool completely (!). Whip the cream, spread the top of the cake with the whipped cream, dust it with cocoa powder, and you’re done!

Have luck while transferring it to a serving plate…


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