Home again


Surprise, surprise: I was in holidays. For about 3 weeks, le gros père and I were in the region where I’ve got my name and followed this sign, using our bikes:

We went from Orléans to Le Croisic and had 3 weeks of nice weather, nice food, nice towns, villages, cities, landscape, lots of châteaux, museums, friends, … great!First, we had to change train stations in Paris – with a little pause at the Louvre. My newly designed bike bell (red with white dots; designer: le gros père) was thinking about the difference between the art in the museum and itself – it feels like art, too, so it wondered why it’s not in the museum. The simple reason is: I need it!

At Orléans (no, I don’t write about sight-seeing, I’m not a tourist guide!) we saw a restaurant, where you can learn geography in a new way:

…and then we started. And had the day long views like this:

Nice, don’t you think? Well, let’s talk about food. First: How to transport a baguette with a bike during 1/2 day? Maybe like this:

or like this:

With Cidre, I suggest a basket:

In Paris, it looks like this:

Next topic: sightseeing, related to food:

The veggie garden in Villandry, French garden style, difficult to imitate at our balcony:

the mushroom museum near to Saumur – interesting to see, how mushrooms are grown:

and we went through a “site troglodytique” which means that the people carved tuff there and lived or worked in the wholes afterwards. Or used it for the grape harvest:

At the end of our jouney, we were at Terre de Sel in Guérande, where it’s shown, how sel is harvested in a traditional way. Very interesting!!

Of course, we had also lots of coffee. For example, in Saumur:

and in Angers, where we could watch the new tramway crossing Place du Ralliement (yes, this rainbow-coloured thing in the background!):

In another Café in Angers, we had to wait a little bit for our coffee. They brought us 2 Macarons as an excuse. One with nougat and one with caramel au beurre salé – we’re getting nearer to the Bretagne!

Nearer to the Bretagne means: lots of Crêperies – galettes (which are crêpes made of buckwheat), crêpes and Cidre! Classic: la galette complète, which includes ham, cheese and an egg:

Last topic: road signs and curious things. I liked these two names:

talking about curious things, I can show this bicycle lane of immense length:

Pampering cyclists seems to be quite à la mode in France. In Bouchemaine we could even wash our bikes for free:

Please note: don’t wash your dog or your car here.

Enough pictures, enough talk about holidays. One last picture of the sea at Le Croisic and then… Back to the pots!

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