Quick with Quark


I haven’t eaten them for years, I think. When I was a child, we had them… maybe not weekly, but let’s say: monthly. I’m talking about Topfendatschi.

My mother probably had always one ingredient in the fridge: Topfen. The Germans call it Quark, I know as an English translation “curd”, but I’m not really sure, if this is the correct name. Or if it exists in this way in other countries.

However, I you have curd, eggs and flour and/or semolina and butter, you can make quite a lot of food. Topfendatschi, Topfenknödel, Topfenstrudel, Topfennudeln, Topfenpalatschinken, Topfen, Topfen, Topfen.

This week I found out that Topfendatschi are a nice thing for the evening: No chopping, no long waiting, just stir together the ingredients while a skillet is getting hot, fry the dough, open a glass of applesauce and have a little Mehlspeisendinner!

For 1-2 persons you need:

250 g Topfen (curd)
3 tblsp milk or sourcream
pinch of salt
1 egg
4-5 tblsp flour

Butter or margarine

Heat a skillet. In a bowl, stir the ingredients for the dough (this means: all of the ingredients except butter) together until you obtain a soft batter (no electric mixer needed!). Melt some butter or margarine in the skillet. Using 2 tablespoons, put dough into the skillet (like for pancakes), flatten them a bit. Reduce the heat and wait about 6-7 minutes. Turn them, fry them for some more minutes. Serve the Topfendatschi with applesauce.


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