Finally: summer is back!


My colleague is in holidays. And needed somebody for watering the garden. No problem! Remuneration: veggies and herbs, fresh from the garden! Cool deal.

I picked a full hand of basil leaves there, and riding home, the idea came to me: a basil-lemon-sorbet, as I was pretty thirsty.

Came home, told le gros père my idea (he know’s when he can’t say “no”) and we started. Put the leaves into the mortar and mashed the basil. Added the peel of one lemon. Then the juice of 3 lemons. Some agave nectar (not because it’s oh-so-healthy-instead-of-sugar. This time simply because it’s already dissolved!) to sweeten the mix. And some water. Total: about 1/2 liter.

Got out the ice machine, poured in the green mix and waited until we found some sorbet.

And hey, decoration was included in my garden visit: a very, very, very yummy strawberry!

Result of the test: basil can be really good in sweet food. To be re-done!

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