It’s a vegetarian classic and kind of compensatory-veggie-cuisine: Sellerie-Schnitzel. Yeah, calling it Schnitzel and serving it like a classic Schnitzel with pototatoes and some veggies as a side-dish, you seem to admit, that vegetarian food can’t be real food. But sometimes, I like classic cooking and I like using veggies besides tomatoes and zucchini. I got some celeriac (Knollensellerie) as it’s grown in Germany and not far away from here.

And then I thought about this old classic and looked in the internet if it wouldn’t be possible to make it vegan. Spend one whole egg just to glue some breadcrumbs on my celeriac? No, this works also in a different way!

For two, you’ll need about 1/2 celeriac, (depends on size of the veggie and hunger of the eaters!)

Just slice the celeriac into 2cm-rounds, boil them in water (or steam them) until done. In a plate (no, it shouldn’t be flat), mix flour with a little bit of water, just to make a sticky paste. In another plate, put a little mountain of breadcrumbs.

Heat a large skillet. Put in there some oil (don’t be stingy!). Put the celeriac rounds first in the flour-water-paste, then in the breadcrumbs. Fry them from both sides.

Of course, you can try something like a cordon-bleu version. You should probably make thicker slices to fill the Schnitzel with cheese before coating it with breadcrumbs. And then it’s nothing for your vegan friends anymore!

I made 2 slices per person, and served it with potatoes and carrots in a cream-sauce.


2 Responses to “Sellerieschnitzel”

  1. 1 Am

    Sounds actually really tasty. Do you season the stuff or just let the celeriac do its seasoning itself?

    • I didn’t season it. But I could imagine to mix the breadcrumbs with some parmigiano. Or make some Cordon-bleu-style Sellerieschnitzel. But no seasoning is fine, too :o)

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