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I’m envious! In my colleague’s garden, there are plenty of veggies: tomatoes, lots of basil, cucumbers, kohlrabi, tasty strawberries and lots of other things. However, for watering the plants, I’m allowed to harvest a bit. So I got some beans: bush beans and broad beans, veggies I never buy in the supermarket. Came home with […]

My colleague is in holidays. And needed somebody for watering the garden. No problem! Remuneration: veggies and herbs, fresh from the garden! Cool deal. I picked a full hand of basil leaves there, and riding home, the idea came to me: a basil-lemon-sorbet, as I was pretty thirsty. Came home, told le gros père my […]

Cookies again


This time, Italian sesame cookies. Of course, a recipe of one of my favourite cookbooks: Moosewood Restaurant book of desserts. Nearly everything I made of this book, was yummy. This recipe has been marked with two exclamation marks by myself – to remind me to make these cookies more often. So finally, we made them […]

It’s a vegetarian classic and kind of compensatory-veggie-cuisine: Sellerie-Schnitzel. Yeah, calling it Schnitzel and serving it like a classic Schnitzel with pototatoes and some veggies as a side-dish, you seem to admit, that vegetarian food can’t be real food. But sometimes, I like classic cooking and I like using veggies besides tomatoes and zucchini. I […]

Austrian pasta


No, it’s not only Italian, the knowledge of making pasta. The Austrians know to make some similar things like culurgioni as well – pasta dough, a filling made on a basis of potatoes and cheese, some herbs (in the original, mint is used – in the Italian and in the Austrian version) – and the […]